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Premium Custom Facial

Benefits of Monthly Facials:

At Millennium Nail and Day Spa, each service we provide our guests is done with their ultimate comfort, relaxation and care in mind by our highly trained estheticians. During our Premium custom facial, we begin with a warm towel and organic essential oils that bring the senses immediately into a state of relaxation while soft music calms the mind.

A deep cleansing to the skin begins with botanically- based skincare by Pevonia, where the purest forms of nature & science come together for results that can be felt and seen.

If extractions are needed, our botanical enzyme cream is applied for several minutes along with steam to soften the pores for easy comodone or pimple removal and minimal discomfort. Another hot towel is applied for enzyme removal and extractions proceed.

Gently Cleansing the skin after extractions removes the enzyme completely and prepares the skin.

Millennium’s signature facial massage puts the client in total relaxation while stimulating the face muscles, bringing oxygen to that area—which is a natural form of anti aging skin care in itself. More blood flow to the area increases collagen production, which gives a healthy and natural glow to the complexion.

Toning of the skin with Pevonia’s lotion/toners provides the skin with hydration and added benefits prior to using any one of Pevonia’s custom serums and masks that are results driven.

With the lights dimmed and the guest masking, Pevonias body-renew lotion is applied to the arms and hands by the therapist. The legs and feet are lightly massaged over the sheets.

Once the skin is ready, the mask is removed and our hydrating lotion/toner is applied followed by a deeply hydrating and nourishing facial cream, which helps to lock in nutrients received for ultimate benefits and beautiful glowing skin. There is no downtime with a premium custom facial and our guests leave with most radiant looking skin.

Another inhalation of sense-stimulating organic essential oils reawakens our guests to conclude the service and finish with Jane Iredale’s all natural lip drink.